I have an acting background and am a trained actor and singer as well as a Voiceover Artist. With these skills in my back pocket they have helped me understand the performing industry in many different ways. I am able to:-


  • Listen & understand clients’ needs to deliver the best service to you

  • Take direction easily

  • Approach scripts in different ways to make the most of them & provide you with variety to choose from

  • Provide a range of different Voices to play with and create new characters


After training at The Poor School, I went on to act and tour in plays and musical theatre roles. After some time out travelling around New Zealand, I returned and decided I wanted to have a career change and went on to work as a theatre agent for 7 years at a leading children’s theatre agency. Wanting to further my performing career after having my beautiful son, I decided to concentrate on Voiceover Work. It is something I have always enjoyed and had a passion for so I wanted to see what would happen if I focused on that and pursued a Voiceover career. It was definitely the right decision as I picked up Voiceover jobs relatively quickly!


I am now based in Guildford, Surrey and have a home booth where I regularly work from. I have a database of clients who give me great work and I am enjoying the variations of scripts I get and still get excited when a script is sent over to me. This is a very challenging and utterly rewarding job, especially when you see the end product and receive fantastic feedback from clients.

I am very lucky to have voiced jobs for  well known companies such as VIRGIN, LEGOLAND, FUJITSU, UNIBET, RNIB, & SANOFI. My accent is naturally RP and my voice is bright, friendly and engaging with a slightly rich undertone to it that gives it a real warmth. I can sound bubbly and energetic as well as authoritative or solemn, which means I have the right voice for Commercials, Corporate Videos, E-Learning, On Hold and Audiobooks. With my acting background as a handy tool, I have experience of emotive Voiceover jobs of a delicate nature and am also experienced in tricky terminology that is sometimes required for Pharmaceutical Voiceovers.

I have a home studio and can meet projects with speedy deadlines. You are welcome to dial in and direct me as I record for you. You can do this via Skype or ipDTL. My quickest turnaround time so far from initial enquiry to end product is 2 hours!



Amy, you hit the nail on the head with your Professor character. Great working you and thanks 


for Legoland

Wow, I'm amazed!  Quite frankly, that was so easy and sounded exactly how I wanted it too, thanks!


for Arquiva

Amy, well done for getting your mouth around those tricky pronunciations! It sounds great to me!


for Sanofi

I’ll definitely be in touch when future opportunities come up. It was a real pleasure working with you.


for Allianz

Thanks Amy. Nice to meet you. Great job by the way. You pitched it perfectly! 


for TQ8

Thank you so much! You made sense of my direction despite it not quite making sense at all! Spot on


for 2Peas

Thanks very much for turning this around so quickly Amy. Great read from you


for Legoland

Posh but edgy - exactly what I was after! Spot on variations - formal, posh, young sounding AND London. Ta! Loads to choose from


for Virgin

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